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  • 5 Things You Can Do To Help a New Mum Out
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5 Things You Can Do To Help a New Mum Out

5 Things You Can Do To Help a New Mum Out

Photo by Annie Theby on Unsplash

Everyone knows that being a new mum (being a mum all round!) is an overwhelming experience to say the least. There are so many things to think about and never enough hours in a day to do everything you need to, especially if you’re taking care of the rest of the family. You’re dealing with sore boobs, trying to get through the day on little to no sleep, and having to make your own meals and making sure baby gets what he/she needs. How is there time to look after yourself?

We’ve put together a short list of small things that any of us can do that would help immensely during that crazy period - and maybe sometimes even beyond.

1. Make a meal or two
If you’re planning to visit, bring along a meal or two (something that can be chucked in the freezer and heated up for one of those days). New mums would very much appreciate having not to think about what to do for lunch or dinner for once. You can also help organise a few meals a week for her as a gift by getting together a bunch of her friends to make some extra food and bringing it over. Food is life.

You could buy her some Hey Ingrid soups so that she could throw a meal together quickly #justsaying.

2. Help to wash up
If you’re bringing a meal over, help to wash up and maybe even prep for meals ahead. We’d even recommend going the extra mile and seeing if they needed help with the laundry. The smallest things already helps a mum tick off a thing or two off her never-ending list of to-dos.

If you can, even helping to look after the other kids allows mum to spend some quiet time with her new baby.

3. Listen
Every new mum will want to talk about their own experience and how they are feeling - let’s be real, they’ve had no sleep, and not much proper adult interaction since. Be a listening ear and don’t give advice unless asked. She just needs her friend to be there and encourage her in her new role (being a mum for the second/third/fourth time is new too, it doesn’t get easier).

4. Give her a gift too
If you’re bringing over a present for the new baby - everyone is buying something for baby because: cute. We suggest buying baby something small instead and then spend a little more on something for mum. Even if she doesn’t have the time to slap on expensive hand cream or go for a spa day, it gives her something to look forward to.

Pro-tip: include a baby day care voucher courtesy of you/a trusted baby chaperone with the spa day. Mum will love you for remembering her too.

5. Ask her out still
New mums probably won’t have the time to hang out and have coffee with your girlfriends on a regular basis. But that doesn’t mean she doesn’t want to be a part of your group anymore. Don’t forget to ask her along anyway even though you know she will probably say no. A sense of normalcy is underrated.

All in all, just be supportive and encouraging to our new mum friends! Don’t judge and be there to cheer her on her new journey.

This post was inspired by our friend Deb, a mother of two cuddly boys!

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    Michelle Tng
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