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  • Goji Berry Bread

Goji Berry Bread

Goji Berry Bread
Start a pre-ferment
  • 150g bakers flour
  • 2g of dry active yeast
  • 100g of water

Mix these 3 ingredients into a large bowl. It should form a dry ball of dough. Loosely cover with a cling wrap and allow the dough to double in size (weather depending, it could take between 3-7 hours).

Fermenting stage
  • 200g bakers flour
  • 3g dry active years
  • 160g water
  • 7g salt
  • 30g goji berries

To the dough, add the 160g of water and mix well. Add dry yeast, flour and salt. Mix all the ingredients well until. At this stage, leave the dough to rest for 45minutes-1 hour.

Soak goji berries in water for 25 minutes,

After approximately 45minutes, add the goji berries to the dough. Fold the dough by reaching to the bottom of the bowl and pulling it upward, do this about 8-12 times.

Leave the dough to double.

Shape & Proof
Once doubled,, gently release the dough onto a cool surface. lightly flour the surface. Gently stretch the dough into a rectangle. Pick one of the sides and fold it over more than half of the dough. On the other side of the dough, pick and fold it to over the other end of the dough.

On the sheet of baking paper, turn the dough over so that the seamed side lies on the under-side. Flour the top of the dough.

Leave this dough to rise (or to proof) for 3 to 4 hours. When it has risen 25-30% in size, it is ready to bake.

Pre-heat the oven at 250°c for about 40 minutes.

Bake the dough at 250°c for 10 minutes, and following that, drop the temperature to 200°c and bake for anther 15-20minutes, or until the base of the dough is sounds hollow.
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    Lydia Teh