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Traditional perfumes contain around 80-90% alcohol and water. This leads to unnecessary strains on the environment when it comes to production, water waste, transports, durability, sustainability etcetera.

It doesn't have to be like this.

We are INGRID and we are changing the perfume industry forever. We produce eco friendly solid perfumes made by a mixture of bee´s wax and natural oil. They smell just like the scents you are used to (If not better) but without harming the planet.

Ditch the mist

Go solid with INGRID

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Some quick perks

Wax hydrates your skin and doesn't cause irritation, unlike alcohol based perfumes.

  • We use zero water, zero alcohol and zero chemicals in our production. Unlike traditional perfumes.
  • Wax based perfumes lasts longer since it doesn't evaporate like liquid perfumes.
  • You will smell great, and do great for the planet.
  • Super convenient and easy to bring with you. Easy application and the risk av spraying people around you with a perfume mist is none.

 The list goes on but I was told to keep it nice and tidy.

Where are we?

INGRID is owned by INGRID AB. Based in the beauty capital of Scandinavia, Stockholm-Sweden. You can always get in touch with us through email We love to hear from you!

How do I get my hands on this?

We ship world wide free of charge, so you can be a part of this regardless of where in the world you are. Within Scandinavia the delivery time is 1-3 days. For other countries we may need a day or two extra to reach you.

We apply a 30 days money back policy on all purchases. So you can always feel safe while shopping at

About the perfumes

Solid perfumes differ from traditional alcohol based spray perfumes. Instead of alcohol and water as a base we use natural bees wax. By doing so we reduce the stress both on the planet and ourselves and our skin. You apply the perfume by swiping your finger over the wax and apply it on your wrists and/or behind your ears. Easy! 

Got allergy? Maybe we can help. Since we don´t fill our perfumes with harmful ingredients, we suit even those with allergic issues. No matter if it´s in the respiratory system or on the skin itself.


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